About NeverForgetADay

Many of us lead very busy lives these days - we work hard and play hard.

In the midst of being caught up in day-to-day life, we occasionally reflect on what it's all for. Then we realized that, by being so busy, we have often forgot about special people in our lives that are "one degree or more removed" - meaning it could be a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, a cousin, a long-time moved-away friend, a nephew or god son, and so forth.

How do we keep our lives organized, in a way that we will remember all these people's birthdays and special events, and remember to think of them ahead of time, shop for them ahead of time and either deliver or ship the gift on time, each year?

We decided to create a solution for this, by automating the process! And so, this site was born.

Our goals are to keep it really simple, provide everyday value and select/ship/deliver the right gift at the right time.

If we have provided you value and made it really easy, please take a minute to drop us a note and let us know how we're doing!