About NeverForgetADay


NeverForgetADay is about thoughtfulness & memorability. You and your business are unique and we believe your client gift solutions should be as well.

So rather than cookie-cutter, "pick A-B-C" selection gifts for business & real estate clients, we do our research to help you come up with more personalized & meaningful gifts. The result is your clients REMEMBER YOU and, in turn, it helps you boost your repeat & referral business.


Alwin Kwan - Owner and Co-founder

Before even turning twenty years of age, Alwin opened up his first business: Discover Advertising, in Edmonton, Alberta. Alwin promoted local businesses back then, by selling business card-sized space on paper placemats and distributing these placemats to several local restaurants to use. Customers having lunch could read the placemats while waiting for their food. Remember, this was in the 1990’s, before information was so readily available to us on our mobile devices!

Alwin put entrepreneurship on pause, to pursue a technical leadership career path, at a time when technology was booming. After many enjoyable years in corporate leadership, Alwin felt compelled to return to entrepreneurship and officially opened up NeverForgetADay in January of 2018. Alwin still enjoys his passion for corporate IT as an independent process consultant.

As a busy entrepreneur, husband and father, Alwin is always looking to balance his time between creating value for clients through the art of gift-giving, donating time to the community through volunteer work and creating memorable experiences with his family.

Through NeverForgetADay, Alwin still promotes other local businesses, but now he does it via Facebook #FreeGiftGiveaway videos each month! He’s proud to be able to serve other entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as the community, by coming up with unique and personalized gifts for any occasion!


Amy Giang - Owner and Co-founder

Amy Giang is a former computer scientist turned MBA candidate and entrepreneur.

As an immigrant to Canada from back in the 1980s, Amy’s passion, hard work and perseverance has helped her become an inspirational entrepreneur and community service leader.

Amy is the first female founder, owner and manager of an express lube centre (LubeTown.com), which has grown from one store (Okotoks, Alberta) to three (Parkdale and McLeod Trail in Calgary), since 2008. Amy and her Lube Town team of superheroes have won multiple Consumer Choice and Business Excellence awards.

In 2016, she was one of the recipients of Calgary's Top 40 under 40 award, in recognition of her success as a female business owner in a male-dominated industry and for being a passionate volunteer for the Rotary Club of Calgary South.

Amy has also been recognized for her entrepreneurial accomplishments, including having founded or co-founded multiple business ventures such as Lube Town, residential and commercial real estate companies, Village Tree and NeverForgetADay. These accomplishments lead to her most recent award, which is the 2019 Immigrants of Distinction award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Amy has two children and she and her husband, Mike, are often balancing their time between entrepreneurship, community service and quality time with the family.