About NeverForgetADay

Many of us lead very busy lives these days - we work hard and play hard.

For us, we realized that, by being so busy, we were often shopping last minute for special occasions, for the many people in our lives. We were constantly shopping for and delivering gifts to friends and family, employees and co-workers, and VIP clients, and every minute we spent shopping meant another minute away from being business-productive or spending time with our growing families.

How do we keep our lives organized, in a way that we will remember the right birthdays and special events, ahead of time? And, on top of that, how do we ensure we budget the time to shop for, and deliver a gift ahead of time, so it arrives at the right time?

We decided to create a solution for this - by automating it! Think of us as your own personal shopper.

Our goals are to keep it really, really simple and provide everyday value by delivering a great gift, at the right time, every year, for a fraction of what it would cost you in your time. We save you time and money, over and over again.

Thank you for stopping by!

Amy Giang and Alwin Kwan