Great Gift Ideas for the Gal Who Has Everything

If you've ever had to shop for a gal who seems to already have everything, you know it can be really tough to find a great, and unique gift! If you've run out of ideas, we hope this article may inspire you to keep on with your search for a thoughtful gift for her!

And folks, you still have 14+ days left before Valentine's to find something for her! 


The Book of Everyone -

This is brilliant and one of the most thoughtful gifts you will come across. You contribute to it all through their website and they build you a magnificent, templated book, shipped anywhere in the world. Building and delivering the book can take up to two weeks, depending where it's being shipped to.

As with anything personalized, it's going to take a bit of your elbow grease - yes, on your part. They provide beautiful templates for you to choose from, and work with, and some of the content within the book will be customized by you!

In the end, your efforts help build you a 50-page book of wonderful thoughts, insights and imagery that she can love and appreciate for years to come.



Instant Camera

Polaroid...what?? Some of us remember the original Polaroid Instant Camera, which instantly printed out a photograph of the picture we took, allowing us to view, share and pin it up immediately!

Well, even in this digital world, it's made its comeback. Yes, the instant camera is a thing again. Why, you say? I take so many digital photos and I rarely take the effort to print them out! Why would I want them now? What's the point?

There's still something more meaningful, and real, about a tangible photo of yourself or a loved one, in an adorable or memorable pose. Whether it's on your desk, stuck to your computer monitor, taped to your laptop or pinned up on your bulletin board, it's just real and should make you smile immediately. No, flipping through thousands of photos on your iPhone to find one that makes you smile doesn't give you the same reaction.

Zoolander Blue Steel - snap! You stick that one to your computer monitor.
Zoolander Ferarri pose - snap! That one's going on your mirror.
Zoolander Magnum pose - snap! Keeping that one in your wallet.

Think your kids won't enjoy it? Tell them they can take a selfie with their bestie and pin it up in their locker, or stick it to the back of their iPad, and see if they ever give it back to you, with film.

It's fun, and worth reliving the instant camera era!

Polaroid POP Instant Camera
Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera



Homedics Jet Spa Luxury Bath Spa


Is she tired of the boring old tub, with simple candles and a glass of wine? Does she want a more spa-like experience? Look no further! This nifty device can attach to almost any bathtub and turn the boring bath experience into a massaging jet-stream or a soothing, gentle bubble bath. Easy to use and portable, if she travels regularly, she can turn any hotel bathtub into a relaxing and spa-like experience.

It runs on AC power, not batteries. And don't worry, it has safety mechanisms built into it to prevent it from running submerged or in a potentially dangerous situation.

Relax and enjoy the spa experience, in the comfort of your own home, any day you like!



Collection of Essential Oils

Okay, you may not want to lead with just this, but it's an excellent compliment to any other gift! Most ladies will appreciate this, because, not only do essential oils make any living space smell amazing, they also promote all things wonderful, like stress relief, air purification, good health and peaceful sleeps.

So many different scents are available, that promote so many different and wonderful things in the room, home or home office. This simple, and powerful gift, shows practicality and caring. It's just an all-around good idea.



iRobot Floor Cleaning Products

Busy entrepreneur? Full-time professional? Homemaker? Single, and want to spend your time out and about? Have a family and no time? No problem! This cleaning robot is every scenario's best friend! It can vacuum your floor all day, while you're at work, or when you're out and about, running errands or socializing instead of doing housework.

This company has been around since 1990, and this product has only improved over time. It will map out the floors of your home, you can schedule, start or stop it from your mobile device, and the map will display where it has vacuumed. And, of course, it can vacuum any floor surface.

This isn't giving somebody a vacuum. It's giving someone back their time as a gift. 



Epsom Salt Float

Stemming back to the 17th century in England, places using epsom salt, were promoted as spas. The first epsom salt float pod was created in 1954 and is used in modern times, to promote stress relief, good health and relaxation.

The secret to the float is hundreds of pounds of epsom salt that give you buoyancy and the ability to float! Want her to try out a new experience? Want to both pamper her and give her an awesome way to find relaxation and peace at the same time? This is seriously worth checking out!



Personalize Almost Anything with a Meaningful Phrase

Words create emotion. We often use phrases or platitudes to create an emotion, be it joy, inspiration, love or gratitude. Sometimes, the emotions help us initiate action; it may be action related to things like work productivity or personal fitness.

Sometimes they are well-known platitudes that inspire us to take action, and other times they are simply meaningful phrases, shared only between two people.

If she has a favourite platitude, think about getting it printed on something for her that she will use or see regularly, like a water bottle, a phone case, material that can be hung up on the wall, or a gym bag. If it's a meaningful phrase, only between the two of you, think about getting it printed for a coffee mug, desk photo, or a fridge magnet.

Give the gift of great feelings with this thoughtful idea!

Not sure where to go for this type of personalization? Message us using the Contact link above, Facebook or Twitter, and we will give you a great referral!



Bouquet Bar -

If you're in, or are shipping to, one of the 48 states in the U.S., this may be a fun option for you. The Bouquet Bar, as seen on the Shark Tank, gives you options to choose from, to populate a beautiful gift box, and have it shipped off.

There are a wide variety of items you can choose from, to populate the Bouquet Bar Box. Examples include Orange Burst Gummy Bears, bath bombs, coffee or tea, candles and funkadelic socks.

You can select from 2, 3 or 6 gift items in a box or choose one of the ready-to-go special boxes that they have, such as the My Girl box or the VDAY box.


Friendly reminder, guys & gals, Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Shop early, beat the crowds and find the deals before they're gone.

If you don't have the time or the ideas, we'll be happy to take care of your shopping for you! Find out how, by dropping us a message via the the CONTACT link, Facebook/FB-Messenger or on Twitter

Happy Valentine's Day Shopping!

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