Great Gift Ideas for the Guy Who Has Everything


So you need to do some shopping for a guy you know, and he seems to have everything already. What do you get him? That's a tough one, and you might spend hours trying to find him something that he doesn't already have.

Well, from the Tech Guy to the Coffee Connoisseur, we have some neat gift ideas for you to consider!


For the Tech Gadget Guy


Amazon Echo & Dot          Google Home and Mini

You're probably tired of him asking you what time it is, what the weather is, or where he's supposed to be today. Get him a Google Home (or mini) or an Amazon Echo (or dot). He can ask questions all day long and neither Google nor Amazon will tire of him asking the same things over and over again. But, he never does that, does he?

Funny things to ask or say to the Google Home:

Hey Google, what am I thinking?
Hey Google, will you be my Valentine?
Hey Google, self-destruct.


For the Traveler who likes to read

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Hopefully he's spending some of his travel time reading, and if he is, the Amazon Kindle will really hit the spot. He can carry thousands of books or get a Kindle Unlimited subscription for almost endless reading options. Sure, you can store books on your phone or tablet in a similar way, but two great things about a Kindle: 

 1. The Kindle feels more like a book and is better to hold and read than your iPhone or tablet and it won't disrupt your reading with dings, banners and popup notification distractions.

 2. Give your eyes a break and read without the backlight! Remember when you needed to actually have an indirect light source, like the sun or a lamp in your room, to be able to read a book? Reading, with ambient lighting only, is better for your eyes.


For the Traveler who just carries his smartphone


Spigen Magnetic Car Vent Phone Mount

This nifty, vent-mounted magnetic phone holder is an ideal gift option for the traveler. It's small enough to tuck away in any pocket, it fits car or truck vents and holds your phone securely.

It goes from vehicle to vehicle, so he can use it in his car on the way to the airport, and bring it with him to put in his rental car at his destination. While he's on the plane, he can use it as a phone stand on the pull-down tray to watch his downloaded Netflix shows, and not have to hold his phone the entire time.

Special Sale: Two Magnets for the Price of One right now!


Perbeat Bluetooth FM Transmitter

If your vehicle doesn't already have bluetooth, this nifty device is all you'll need for hands-free convenience! Powered by the standard 12V outlet, this device pairs to your phone via bluetooth as soon as you're in your vehicle. Your music and phone calls all go hands-free, just like that! No more fumbling with cables to get your music going from your phone and no more having to locate your phone to see who's calling or to answer the call.

It also has two charging outlets on it - a super rapid charger and a very fast charger. You can charge two different devices at once and faster than ever before!

Special Sale: get it while it's on sale!


For the Gamer Guy

Sony Playstation VR

VR headsets are for real and there are a lot of quality VR headsets out there now. The Sony Playstation VR is a great choice because of its ease of use and game selection. Whether he's into killing zombies, dog-fighting with the latest combat fighter-jet or controlling six-story tall mech robots in epic battles, the Sony Playstation VR experience will amaze him!

Samsung Gear VR

For the guy who has a Samsung phone, the Samsung Gear VR is a great and portable choice. He simply plugs his Samsung phone into the VR headset, with controller, and he's good to go. 


For the Handyman

Pocket knives are wonderfully versatile, but they're a bit, Elmer Fudd, for the 2018 handyman. Leatherman makes durable and smartly designed multitools, and there are so many options available to choose from.


Leatherman Juice S2            Leatherman Leap

For a more portable option, with at least a dozen functional tools built in, try the Leatherman Juice S2, Leap or the Wingman.

Leatherman Wingman


For the Businessman

Livescribe 3 Smartpen

As cool as technology is, simple and timeless is classy. For example, a classic timepiece that only tells time is eternal. It doesn't beep, flash or speak. It may tick, but that's about it. 

The old-school feeling of writing notes with a pen, on paper, not only looks elegant but has been statistically proven to improve information retention for most people. Understanding you will sometimes need the information you write down, in digital format, try out the Livescribe 3 Smartpen. Enjoy the feeling of writing your notes, AND have those notes transferred digitally to your smartphone via bluetooth - best of both worlds!


For the Runner, Cyclist or Swimmer

Motiv Fitness Tracker Ring

The Motiv Fitness Ring is a great way to track everything from heart rate to sleep quality. And, it's a ring, so it's fairly inconspicuous and it will still allow the man to wear his choice of sports, smart or classic watch on his wrist.

Waterproof, durable and trendy, the active guy is going to love this gift!


For the Weightlifter, Strength-Trainer or General Fitness Guy

While the Motiv Fitness Ring is a great activity tracker, if you do a lot of training with weights, do weighted pull-ups or dips, and so forth, a ring can be uncomfortable while trying to grip bars and dumbbells. 


      Jaybird X3                 Bose SoundSport              Treblab J1

What this guy needs, more than anything, is to tune out the outside world and keep the motivational tunes pumping! Go for a set of light, durable and sweat-proof bluetooth earbuds. Try out the Jaybird X3's, or, if the guy you know likes high-end, not commonly seen at the gym or on the street products, he'll really dig the Bose SoundSport Wireless In-Ear model.

The absolute BEST value earbuds I've ever used are the Treblab J1's. The sound quality, battery life and accessories that come with these are, hands down, the best value for the price that I've ever seen anywhere!

Hey, and if he's actually rocking to I Will Survive by Gloria Gayner or Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees, it's great that only he can hear this. Let's not judge.


For the BBQ King Grill Master

Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner

Contrary to popular belief, the extra charcoal from not regularly cleaning your BBQ does NOT make the meat taste better...WHAT? He may want to be master of the BBQ, but not spending his time scraping it afterwards, so get him the Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner. It's basically the I-Robot vacuum cleaner for your BBQ.

Now, he can have a clean, ready-to-go BBQ at all times, without having to spend time scraping and scrubbing in that summer heat.


For the Always-Losing-Stuff Guy

There are so many things to keep track of these days, right? Phone, wallet, keys, remote control, laptop, headphones, etc. If you know any guys who you find regularly scrambling to find their keys and wallet, this may be the best gift ever.

TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracker

The TrackR pixel bluetooth tracker helps you keep tabs on everything important and makes them easy to locate. Attach these small and inconspicuous tracker devices to anything from keys, to wallets or remote controls. The app will make these trackers blink and beep, so nothing is ever lost again. Everything's just an app, beep and blink away!


For the Can't-Start-My-Day-Without Coffee Guy

There's nothing quite like smelling the aroma of fresh coffee first thing in the morning! Or, in the afternoon, or in the evening. If you know a guy, who just absolutely loves brewing his own coffee, try this for a gift!

Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo Optimal Brew Coffee Maker

Does he need more control over his cup of Joe? Try gifting the Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 10-Cup Optimal Brew Coffee Maker. This smartly wifi-connected device lets you configure settings from your phone, brew coffee from your bed, or while you're out and about. It will even tell you if you forgot to fill the reservoir with water or if the carafe needs emptying!



Laura Tessmer

Honestly so many great ideas. And I’ll be honest. Not for dad but for me! I am going to look into two of them!


Thanks, Tony!

Tony Ngan

Great post and great ideas for a gift!

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