Cool and/or Unique Gift Ideas

In our previous articles, we highlighted some really great gifts for the guy or gal that has everything already. This time we've come across a list of unique, fun, classy and/or meaningful gift ideas for you to consider!.From the Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon, British Columbia, to a set of Snowfeet for the ski hill, check out some really unique gift options!


Smartphone Magnifier

Ok, if you don't know what the image above is, congratulations - you're young and have your whole life ahead of you. No need to live in the past. Look away and scroll down to the next item.

For those of us who know what the old television looks like, now you can watch your shows off your smartphone, magnified on to this portable television box. Heck, get that old frozen TV dinner out, pop it in the oven (yeah, that's right - shiny tin foil and microwave ovens are a fiery combination, pun intended), and relive your youth!

The back of this unit looks shows RCA jacks (they don't actually work) and the part that holds your phone and slides it into the TV box looks like a VHS cassette.



Antitheft backpack

Great for the frequent traveler or commuter. This comes in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours, fitting everyone, from the subway-riding daily commuter to the world-travelling backpacker!

With this nifty and well-thought out backpack, you won't have to worry about pickpockets and thieves. There are thoughtful compartments for everything you may need, including easy-for-you-to-access hidden pockets for things like bus passes and an external USB charging port for your mobile device. The main zipper compartment is well-hidden and only accessible from the back; impossible to open without the wearer's cooperation.

It's also squish-proof, tear and cut resistant, water-repelling and spill-resistant. They even have one for Batman.



Minimalist RFID Wallet

In 2018, minimalism is growing in popularity. The old days of the Costanza Wallet are out. No need to carry what you don't need. The "what if I need it someday and don't have it in my wallet?" mentality is over. And with it, goes the man-purse, the hip-sack, the fanny pack, achy backs and hip flexor issues later in life.

So, guys, empty your receipts, leave the 7 different credit cards at home, leave your points cards in the glove compartment and throw the video store card away! Video rentals will NOT be making a comeback and they are not accepted as valid pieces of ID either. General rule of thumb: if you haven't used it in the past month, it doesn't belong in your wallet.

Slim is in! Pick 3 to 5 cards that you NEED to have with you, take out some old-fashioned cash and you're set! These are a couple examples of minimalist wallets that have RFID protection built-in. Whether you need RFID protection or not is up to you. If you look it up, you will find mixed reviews, just like everything else in life. :)

Ridge wallet shown in carbon metallic
HuMn wallet shown in blue


Minimalist Folio

Business or office professional? Entrepreneur Boss Lady? 

Bring some class to the boardroom with this sleek, minimal portfolio. Lightweight and simple, it comfortably carries a tablet and notebook, or 11” laptop with an interior pouch for keeping your phone and business cards. The fold-over coverlet clasps tightly to keep contents contained.

It's available in blush or navy, as well as a larger size that fits up to a 13" laptop.



Hydaway Bottle

Everyone who's on the go needs to stay hydrated. But who has time to fumble with lids, bring different sized bottles and find space to store them all?

The Hydaway Bottle is a collapsible, space-saving beverage container, that fits easily in your backpack, purse, briefcase, shoulder bag, glove compartment or back pocket! It's certified-safe, BPA-free and comes in 8 colours.

When fully-expanded, it holds up to 21-ounces of water and fits in most vehicle cup holders.




Love the fresh snow hills and the outdoors, but not interested in strapping on snow boots and snapping them into a set of skis? Also not a fan of handcuffing your legs together using a fibreglass board, a.k.a. snowboard?

Check these out! No need to pack skis, snow boots, poles or a snowboard. These snowfeet fit in any bag and that's all you need to take to the hills. Now you're skating on snow - forwards, backwards, doing tricks. These are totally amazing! Just watch the video and see!



Personalized Jewelry and Other Keepsakes

If you want a truly unique gift, personalize something! Jewelry is a great idea because they tend to last and can be worn daily or on special occasions. But almost anything can be personalized: coffee mugs, glasses, silverware, clothing, wall prints, water bottles, pocketknives, keys, phone cases, purses, wallets, briefcases and backpacks, portfolios, the list goes on and on.

I showed the example above because this is almost exactly what I'll be getting for my daughters. It can be put on a necklace, a bracelet, a keychain or a zipper on a backpack. When they have this, I know that no matter what happy or troublesome time they go through, they'll be able to look at this and know that I'm always thinking of them and that I'm always there for them.

Choose your personalization (words, images, etc.), then choose the item you want to have it printed, engraved or embossed on to and ask me for a referral for who to go to, to have this done for you!



Sparkling Hill Resort


Recognized worldwide, the Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon, British Columbia, is a top wellness destination. The owner, Gernot Langes-Swarovski, of Swarovski crystal fame, used two million of the glimmering stones to create this sparkling resort.

There are almost 150 rooms of luxury, designed to optimize the spectacular lake and mountain views. Spa and wellness amenities include over 100 innovative treatments, including steam and sauna rooms with individual themes, a serenity tea room and Europe’s popular Cryo Cold Chamber as a signature treatment.

The resort is partnered up with other BC resorts and local attractions, which include everything from a world-class golf experience at Predator Ridge to stunning arial views from Valhalla Helicopters tour.

The resort is an incredibly beautiful place that has you constantly in awe, and it is the epitome of relaxation.

In the offseason (fall, winter & spring), there is a BC-resident special and you may want to signup to receive their emails so they can send those deals to you.

There really isn't another gift idea that compares to this. It's obviously not an object to buy, but an experience to enjoy and cherish!!




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