Professional Gift Shopping at an Affordable Price

Imagine all of your one-time, last-minute and/or yearly gift shopping could be done for you, without you having to do any of it!

How much time and energy would that save you?

Your shopping experience can feel as simple and comfortable as having a cup of coffee in your favourite chair.

Watch our one-minute video and then scroll down to learn more about how we help individuals and businesses get their time back!

How this site works

Simplicity is key.

With a free account, you get access to our gift idea articles and monthly gift giveaways! Keep an eye out for our #FreeGiftGiveaway posts on Facebook or Instagram.

Once you have your free account, login and you will be presented with two options - a one-time or a recurring gift solution. Add one gift solution, per person that you would like us to do your shopping for. So, if you have three people that you would like us to shop for, you would add three Gift Items to your cart and fill out the appropriate details. You can add as many as you like and you can cancel anytime.

It is our mission to create JOY in people's lives by delivering a gift they will LOVE. We enjoy putting a great deal of care into our gift selections, so the more lead time you give us, the more personalized our gifts will be.

You let us know the gift recipient’s hobbies and interests, likes or dislikes, and you choose the amount that you wish to spend on a gift. We get to work on finding the right gift and deliver it on time. This can be a one-time, recurring, or last minute request!

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What is NeverForgetADay

We simplify your life with personalized gift solutions, for any occasion, for your professional, business or individual needs.

And we don’t just do one-time shopping, we also offer a year-recurring solution, so you can get the peace of mind of knowing it's all being taken care of for you, year after year. You don't even need a calendar anymore.

Imagine how busy you are at work and at home. And on top of all that, special occasions like birthdays, work anniversaries and Christmas will come up. So then you'll need to drive in traffic, find the right gift and wait in lineups to shop for a number of people, each and every year. Whether the shopping is for co-workers or employees, VIP clients for your business, family or friends, this is going to take up your valuable time.

Now, imagine yourself doing something you enjoy instead. And, in the background, we are taking care of all your gift shopping for you, getting gifts for people that THEY WILL LOVE, no matter the occasion, because that’s what we do professionally, every day.

Ready for the best part? We SAVE you TIME AND MONEY.

We make our service affordable for businesses and individuals, and we do this for a fraction of what it would cost you or an assistant to do the shopping.

Who uses NeverForgetADay

Are you an office manager or executive assistant who would like to recognize employees on the team, for their birthdays or work anniversaries?

Are you a realtor, property manager or business owner who would like to thank your VIP clients by having a gift sent to them on their customer anniversary date, or at Christmas?

Are you someone who doesn't know have the time to follow what gifts are trending for every age and gender, and just need the right gift, at the right time, taken care of for you, hassle-free?

Are you too busy to shop for all the people in your life, near and far, and wish an expert would just keep it simple and take care of it for you?

Would you like to spend your time doing something other than shopping and still know that the gifts you get people will be personal and awesome?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then NeverForgetADay's gift service is for you.