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Let our experts shop for you!

What is NeverForgetADay

Do you value your time? Would you rather be doing the things you enjoy, instead of shopping for gifts, searching online and waiting in long lineups each year? If you would rather have an expert shopper take care of all this, then we have a solution for you!

We provide a one-time and/or recurring gifting service for any occasion.

We shop for and select a gift for the person of your choice, based on their interests and your price range, and deliver it to them before the required date/event (i.e. birthday, work anniversary, etc.). We can get the best deals for you and we keep up on what gift solutions are trending to ensure we find gifts people will LOVE.

Ready for the best part? We SAVE you TIME and MONEY.

We provide you with expert gift solutions, and get the best deals for you, for a fraction of what it would cost for you to do the shopping yourself.

Who uses NeverForgetADay

Are you an office manager or executive assistant who would like to recognize employees on the team, for their birthdays or work anniversaries?

Are you a realtor, property manager or business owner who would like to thank your VIP clients by having a gift sent to them on their customer anniversary date, or at Christmas?

Are you someone who doesn't know have the time to follow what gifts are trending for every age and gender, and just need the right gift, at the right time, taken care of for you, hassle-free?

Are you too busy to shop for all the people in your life, near and far, and wish an expert would just keep it simple and take care of it for you?

Would you like to spend your time doing something other than shopping and still know that the gifts you get people will be personal and awesome?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then NeverForgetADay's gift service is for you.

How this site works

Simplicity is key.

Once you have your free account, login and add an automated gift item for as many people as you would like us to automate your shopping for. There is no cost for an account, and no cost to add people to your automation gift list. You can cancel anytime.

You will only be billed when it's time for us to shop for a gift for somebody on your list. And you choose the amount that you wish to spend on a gift. Once the gift has been purchased and delivered, you will receive an email summary with a photo of the gift and the person/address the gift was sent to, and you're all done!